Intellegent_InterfaceResearch in this Theme is developing the next-generation of hearing aids and cochlear implants designed for enhanced performance in background noise, special processing requirements for unilateral deafness or for tonal language speakers, and for enhanced manufacturability, that will overcome barriers to increased take-up and use of technology. It is focused on improved hearing in noisy environments and overcoming the need for manual adjustment of device settings. This includes:

  • developing next-generation hearing aids and cochlear implants to improve take-up and use; and
  • delivering hearing solutions for developed and developing countries.

Development of these new technologies will improve hearing in noisy environments, and overcome the need for many users to manually adjust device settings for different listening situations.

In collaboration with industry Members, the HEARing CRC is developing next-generation speech processors that will improve sound perception in background noise and addresses linguistic needs of different end-users (such as those with single-sided deafness or tonal language speakers). Tests developed using the 3D simulator in the Listening Brain Research Theme will be instrumental in evaluating real-life benefits of these new speech processors.

As this Theme is focused on technology development, a key element is to ensure enhanced manufacturability and/or ease of take-up of any new technology. Through these new technologies, our ultimate aim is to increase the current take-up and use of hearing technologies from 30%to 60% of those with a significant hearing loss.

The research projects in this Theme are shown below.