Prof. Richard Dowell

Role: HEARing CRC Board - Alternate Director

Professor Richard Dowell is the Director of the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital Cochlear Implant Clinic and holds the Chair in Audiology and Speech Science at the University of Melbourne. Prof. Dowell has been involved in clinical work and research in cochlear implants for over 30 years.

Some of his most significant achievements have included studies leading to the development of signal processing improvements for cochlear implants; the establishment of the first cochlear implant clinic at the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital in 1986; key contributions to the FDA approval of cochlear implants for adults (1985) and children (1990); initiation of the transition of the Graduate Diploma in Audiology (one year) training in clinical audiology to a two year Masters degree across Australia (1998); and development of professional training in speech pathology at the University of Melbourne (2011).