Rémi Marchand

Role: PhD Student


Rémi Marchand is an engineer in Electronics and Acoustics who is currently pursuing a PhD at the National Acoustic Laboratories.

In September 2015 Rémi concluded a Masters of Research in Acoustics, in Le Mans (France). His Master’s thesis took place at the Acoustical and Mechanical Laboratory-National Center for Scientific Research (LMA-CNRS) in Marseille (France) working on the Psychoacoustic simulation of Cochlear Implants.

Prior to this, in 2014, he concluded a Master’s Degree of Electronics and Signal Processing Engineering at the National Institute of Electrical Engineering, Automation, Electronics, Computer Science, Hydraulics and Telecommunications (ENSEEIHT) in Toulouse (France). In 2013, Rémi was an Erasmus exchange student in Hamburg (Germany) for 6 months at the Technical University of Hamburg (TUHH).

Rémi is passionate about music and audio systems (Hi-Fi and music instruments) – he is also a musician, playing guitar and harmonica.

PhD title

Hearing aids and music

PhD Project

This research project aim to investigate how the acoustical characteristics of music vary in ways that might affect optimal amplification, determine what amplification characteristics are preferred by hearing impaired people for different styles of music, and whether there are any existing signal processing features within hearing aids that are not conducive to the greatest enjoyment of music by their wearers.

PhD Supervisor