Rakshita Gokula

Role: PhD Student


Rakshita is a PhD candidate working with the Hearing CRC at Macquarie University. Rakshita completed her Bachelors in Speech and Hearing in 2014 at the All India Institute of Speech and Hearing (AIISH), University of Mysore, India. She received the Dr. N. Rathna Gold medal for securing the highest marks in B Sc. (Speech and Hearing) from Mysore University in 2014. She received her Masters in Audiology from the University of Southampton in 2015 where she was awarded a distinction for her Masters Thesis “Auditory adaptation to noise and accents for speech perception”. Her areas of interest involve auditory processing, reading disorders, speech perception, electrophysiology, and statistical learning.

PhD title

Hearing, listening and reading: A new model to understand how what we hear affects how we learn to read

PhD project

Previous research has demonstrated the co-morbidity of auditory processing disorders (APD) and reading difficulties. Electrophysiology research has improved understanding of the auditory pathways’ response to sound stimulation in children with APD, and this PhD thesis will determine the auditory, cognitive and attention skills of children with co-existing reading and auditory processing difficulties. Results from this thesis will help in the development of a new theoretical model of auditory processing and reading.

PhD supervisor

Linda Cupples, Macquarie University

Mary Rudner, Linkoping University