Pragati Mandikal Vasuki

Role: PhD Student


Pragati is a PhD candidate working with Hearing CRC and the Child Language Lab at Macquarie University.  Pragati completed her Bachelors in Speech and Hearing in 2009 and Masters in Audiology in 2011 from All India Institute of Speech and Hearing (AIISH), University of Mysore, India. She graduated summa cum laude and received “Aarthi Venkatraman Gold medal for first rank in Audiology” from Mysore University in 2012. She worked for 1.5 years as Research officer and Audiologist. Her responsibilities included working on the research project “Behavioural and electrophysiological indices of place of articulation and VOT discrimination in Kannada and Hindi speakers”, teaching and supervising Diploma students. In 2012, she received the Australia Development Scholarship and Australia Leadership Award (highly competitive-awarded to only 200 people annually worldwide) to pursue higher education in Australia. Her research interests involve speech perception, electrophysiology, auditory processing and statistical learning. Pragati is currently the electrophysiology lab manager at Macquarie University. In addition, she also teaches lectures and tutorials for Master of Clinical Audiology and guest lectures for Psychology undergraduates at Macquarie University.

PhD title

Role of statistical learning and auditory processing in understanding reading and speech perception in noise.

PhD Project

Pragati’s PhD project aims to examine-
(1) The link amongst musical expertise, statistical learning, and speech perception in adults.
(2) The link amongst statistical learning and reading in children with and without music training
She uses event related potentials (ERPs) to investigate electrophysiological correlates of statistical learning.


PhD Supervisor