Kelly Miles

Role: PhD Student


Kelly is a PhD candidate working with the Hearing CRC, the Audiology section at Macquarie University, and the Linnaeus Centre for Hearing and Deafness in the Swedish Institute for Disability Research at Linkoping University. Kelly graduated with first class honours in Speech and Hearing Sciences at Macquarie University before undertaking her PhD. She has worked as a researcher in the areas of speech production and perception, hearing science, and electrophysiology. Kelly currently co-convenes the unit of study Auditory Physiology and Psychoacoustics and guest lectures in speech physiology, speech development, and speech perception.

PhD Title

An objective measure of listening effort during a standard speech perception test

PhD Project

Kelly’s PhD research is looking into the neural mechanisms of listening effort and cognitive load. Her work focuses on developing an objective measure of listening effort that can be implemented in a clinical environment.

PhD Supervisor