A/Prof. Mridula Sharma

Role: Project Leader/Key Researcher

Associate Professor Mridula Sharma has a BSc (1992) and MSc (2000) in Speech and Hearing Sciences from India and a PhD (2005) from Macquarie University. She completed a three-year Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of Auckland, New Zealand in May 2007.Before moving into research in 2000, Mridula had been working clinically (1992-1997) in the field of reading, language and auditory processing disorders.

Her Masters’ research project, PhD and postdoctoral research have investigated the role of electrophysiology in the diagnosis of auditory processing, the co-occurrence of auditory processing, language and reading disorders, and listening and language training effects on children’s reading, language and auditory processing abilities.

Mridula’s work has been presented at numerous local and international conferences. She has a number of articles in peer-reviewed journals such as Clinical Neurophysiology, NeuroReport, Journal of Speech, Hearing and Language Research and American Academy of Audiology.