Michelle Moran

Role: PhD Student


Michelle completed a Master of Clinical Audiology at the University of Melbourne prior to beginning work at the Royal Victorian Eye & Ear Hospital (RVEEH) in the Cochlear Implant Clinic. Michelle was employed at RVEEH and the University of Melbourne for 8 years, working directly with Cochlear implant and BAHA recipients. In addition to this Michelle’s duties involved research co-ordination, working with HEARing CRC partners to enable recruitment and managing databases. She has also been more directly involved in research as co-investigator on numerous studies. Since 2012, Michelle has been undertaking a PhD part-time through the University of Melbourne and the HEARing CRC. Michelle is currently employed with Cochlear Limited as a Clinical Specialist.

PhD title

An analysis of adult cochlear implant recipients with post-operative residual hearing  .

PhD Project

This study aims to examine the preservation of hearing in atraumatic cochlear implant (CI) procedures, and assess the outcomes of a large group of recipients.

PhD Supervisor