Javier Badajoz

Role: PhD Student


Javier completed a BSc in Barcelona and went on to work as an electroacoustic system engineer for about 3 years and a half. After that, he moved to Denmark, where he did a MSc in Acoustic Engineering. Having spent some time working as a software engineer in Munich, he has returned to study and is now a Macquarie University PhD candidate, based at the National Acoustic Laboratories, funded through the HEARing CRC.

PhD title

Applying virtual sound environments to measure and improve the performance of cochlear implant recipients in the real world.

PhD Project

For cochlear implant recipients, speech understanding in situations with multiple speakers and reverberant environments is exceptionally challenging. For researchers to be able to develop signal processing techniques that effectively enhance speech recognition, real world acoustic environments must be accurately reproduced. This PhD project will first define a new research environment that combines a three-dimensional Virtual Sound Environment with a fully-programmable, real time Cochlear Implant Research Platform . The resulting research environment will enable thorough investigation into the actual performance of different signal processing techniques. The insights acquired throughout these analyses will form the basis for future and novel processing strategies.


PhD Supervisor