Adjunct Prof. Harvey Dillon

Role: HEARing CRC Board - Alternate Director

A/Prof. Harvey Dillon joined the National Acoustic Laboratories (NAL) in 1979 and until 1986 he performed research into speech discrimination testing, audiological testing in sound fields, speech processing for hearing aids, hearing aid fitting methods, and the acoustics of hearing aid coupling systems. From 1986 to 1990 he held various positions (including Chief Engineer and Development Manager) in the operational area of NAL (now called Australian Hearing). From 1990 he headed the Hearing Aid Research Section of NAL and in 2000 became the Director of NAL. After completing an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering, A/Prof. Dillon was awarded a PhD for research into psychoacoustics.

His current research interests are centred on the assessment and remediation of auditory processing disorders and electrophysiological assessment methods, but he finds captivating all the research and development undertaken by NAL.

A/Prof. Dillon has lectured extensively in the areas of acoustics, psychoacoustics, and hearing aids in the audiology program at Macquarie University, at which institution he is an adjunct professor. From 1991 to 2007, Dr Dillon was also a Deputy Director of the Cooperative Research Centre for Cochlear Implant and Hearing Aid Innovations.