Dr Carly Meyer

Role: Project Leader/Key Researcher

Dr Carly Meyer is a speech pathologist who currently holds a HEARing CRC Postdoctoral Fellowship. She is also affiliated with the Communication Disability Centre at The University of Queensland. Carly’s research focuses on the holistic management of children and adults with a communication disorder, and is driven by the World Health Organisation’s International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health.

Specifically, Carly’s research interests are associated with:

  1. Improving outcomes for older adults with hearing impairment through the development of novel treatment approaches;
  2. The holistic management of people living in the community with dementia and concomitant hearing loss;
  3. Improving communication and psychosocial outcomes for people with Down syndrome and their families through the development of novel treatment approaches;
  4. The implementation of family-centered care in speech pathology and audiology practice; and
  5. The evaluation of functional outcomes following intervention for communication disorders.