Dr Nan Xu Rattanasone

Role: Co-project Leader

Dr Xu Rattanasone joined Macquarie University’s Child Language Lab in 2011 to work with Prof. Katherine Demuth in the areas of early-language acquisition in both monolingual and bilingual children and more recently, children with hearing impairment.

Previous to this position, she completed her PhD at MARCS Institute at the University of Western Sydney working on Infant-Directed Speech in tone languages, as well as tone-perception studies with native and non-native speakers.

Dr Xu Rattanasone’s research interests are focused on the cognitive and developmental issues associated with early language development including the use of various behavioural and production methods to study these issues, such as infant perception paradigms and eyetracking.

Currently, Dr Xu Rattanasone is a co-project leader for the HEARing CRC XR132c Project and is a supervisor for two HEARing CRC funded PhD students.