Hybrid Electronics

Organisation Type: Industry

Website: www.hybrid-electronics.com

Hybrid Electronics manufactures custom made thick film hybrid microelectronic circuits. A thick film hybrid is an alternative to a Printed Circuit Board (PCB). Hybrids are made on ceramic but with innovation we now make them on stainless steel and titanium.

These ceramic PCB’s, stainless steel PCB’s and titanium PCB’s enable products to work well in hostile environments and have greater reliability over time than PCB’s. In some cases, thick film hybrids can either replace some or all of the PCB or be inserted into the PCB. Thick film hybrids can be used wherever a PCB could be used and in places that a PCB can’t tolerate.

Applications for hybrid circuits are endless and include temperature sensors, pressure sensors, flow sensors and stain gauges, water pump applications, baggage x-ray machines, scientific instruments, data loggers, components for cars, solar cells and electrical safety devices just to name a few.