IQbudsAustralian ASX-listed start-up company Nuheara has partnered with the HEARing CRC and the National Acoustic Laboratories to license our international, industry-recognised NAL-NL2 hearing aids fitting procedure – the only hearable company globally to do so.

NAL-NL2, a nonlinear fitting procedure used in hearing aid, fitting software has be incorporated into Nuheara’s wireless hearable device, the IQbuds Boost™ (pictured right).

Hearing devices fitted with NAL-NL2 maxmises speech intelligibility while keeping the overall loudness of speech at or below normal overall loudness.


NAL’s mission is to improve hearing health through innovation in technology and science. We are excited about Nuheara expanding the global reach of its NAL-NL2 fitting prescription by introducing it to the worldwide hearables market,” – Dr Brent Edwards, NAL Director.

“We are delighted to be able to partner with Nuheara to bring our technology to new audiences. Until now, NAL-NL2 has been focused on hearing aid and audiological applications, so we are thrilled that global consumers will now have access to our leading technology through the IQbuds Boost™ product that they can buy over the counter,” – Professor Robert Cowan, HEARing CRC CEO.

NAL-NL2 has been licensed to more than 18 major international hearing aid companies and audiology equipment manufacturers and is used to fit more hearing aids worldwide than any other system.