Research and Science Australia Chair Bill Ferris (right) listening to the HEARing CRC’s binaural beamformer technology during a recent visit to its Head Office at The University of Melbourne with Dr Richard van Hoesel (left).

In late August, the HEARing CRC hosted a Cooperative Research Centre Association (CRCA) meeting to introduce the Chair of Innovation and Science Australia, Bill Ferris AC.

CRCA CEO, Tony Peacock and CRCA Chair, The Honorable Tony Staley, invited Bill Ferris and Joanna Bunting (Department of Innovation and Science) to Melbourne to discuss the current research priorities of Melbourne-based Cooperative Research Centres, including:

  • Polymers CRC, presented by Ian Dagley (CEO)
  • Innovative Manufacturing CRC, presented by David Chuter (CEO)
  • Spatial Information CRC, presented by Dr Peter Woodgate (CEO)
  • Mental Health CRC, presented by Professor Ian Cooke (CEO)
  • Cancer Therapeutics CRC, presented by Ian Street (Chief Scientific Officer).

Following these presentations, Professor Robert Cowan gave interested members of the CRCA delegation a tour of the HEARing CRC’s Melbourne Head Office. This tour provided an opportunity to demonstrate and discuss some the HEARing CRC’s recent research activities, including:

Announced in November 2015, Innovation and Science Australia is part of the Government’s National Innovation and Science Agenda with the responsibility of providing strategic whole-of-government advice to the Government on all science, research and innovation matters. The Innovation and Science Australia Board complements the Commonwealth Science Council.