The Hearing Induirclogo4stry Research Consortium (IRC) is currently seeking innovative research proposals that can improve service quality and client management for hearing-impaired people.

For the 2015 grant round, the IRC wishes to hear from researchers who are collecting and analysing large-scale datasets that are likely to provide new insights into the relationships between clinical practice, patients and patient populations.

Research project proposals that involve partnerships between audiological specialists and researchers from other health and science fields will be viewed favorably.

If that sounds like a good match to your current research area or direction, please go to the IRC website and find out more. The deadline for proposal submissions is 17th August 2015 so don’t delay.

The IRC was created by the global leaders in hearing aid technology to develop and direct non-competitive, mutually-agreed research agendas that provide broad benefits to the wider hearing aid industry, its customers and their family and friends.