EducationAndTrainingThe HEARing CRC’s professional training and postgraduate education activities deliver skilled employees and industry-ready graduates, equipped to increase the clinical capacity and knowledge base of Australia’s hearing healthcare industry.

Our education and training activities occur as two discrete programs, these are described below.

Professional Development Program

Central to the HEARing CRC’s Professional Development Program is HEARnet Learning – a website that offers accredited online training on hearing (re)habilitation and hearing technologies. Through HEARnet Learning, the HEARing CRC promotes best practice in hearing health by connecting health and education professionals to the latest outcomes in hearing research and innovation.

Postgraduate Education Program

The HEARing CRC is dedicated to enhancing the educational experience of our higher degree research (PhD and Master) students so they are better prepared for professional careers as researchers, engineers or clinicians.

PhD Scholarships are one element of the broader Postgraduate Program available to our higher degree research students.