HEARnetThe Hearing Education and Research Network (HEARnet) connects the public, health professionals and researchers with the latest independent information on hearing loss, hearing technologies and hearing rehabilitation and incorporates both HEARnet Online and HEARnet Learning websites.

As HEARnet continues to expand, a partners program will facilitate broader engagement.
HEARnet Online is the HEARing CRC’s innovative platform for communicating research outcomes – enhancing access to a range of information types about hearing loss.

It provides easily understood overviews on hearing healthcare that include information about existing and emerging new technologies. It draws together hearing health information into a single go-to site that links to other credible and comprehensive websites in the hearing health space. For health professionals and researchers, HEARnet Online has resources such as best-practice clinical guidelines and information about training opportunities and career development in hearing healthcare.
HEARnet Learning is an accredited online training resource for health and educational professionals that explains the clinical significance of hearing research within and outside the HEARing CRC.

To find out more about our award winning HEARnet Online and HEARnet Learning websites, watch the video below.