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XR4.2 Empowering Users


This Key Project is focused on how best to empower individuals and their families in managing their own hearing loss.

Establishment of the advantages of a fully automated self-fitted hearing aid that eliminates any dependency on internet linkages or computer-based interfaces will be critical in providing evidence for government authorities and end-users.

An additional outcome of this Key Project will be a comprehensive guideline for long-term audiology care delivered through an e-Health model.

XR4.2.1 Self-Fitting Hearing Aids In Hearing Rehabilitation

This project will determine how effective are self-fitting hearing aids and in what circumstances should they be complemented by tele-health.

Project Leader/PhD Student: Elizabeth Convery


XR4.2.2 Guidelines For Long Term Audiological Care Of Cochlear Implant Users

This project is determining how much servicing, including mapping, maintenance and device upgrades, is needed to properly support the growing number of patients with cochlear implants.

Project Leaders: Prof. Richard Dowell, Dr Isabelle Boisvert

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