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XR4.1 Enabling Equal Access


This Key Project is developing a validated e-Health package that reflects best-practice patient- and family-centred interventions, and incorporates home-based or remote assessment, mapping and (re)habilitation of clients with hearing loss.

This remote approach is being assessed against the traditional “clinician in person” delivery to provide an evidence base for government authorities and end-user agencies responsible for implementation. Ultimately it will deliver a comprehensive guideline for long-term audiology care delivered through an e-Health model.

XR4.1.1 Improving Hearing Healthcare Access And Outcomes For Older Adults

This project is determining the most effective ways telehealth can reduce the impact of hearing loss and improve the cost-effectiveness of service delivery for older adults.

Project Leaders: Dr Carly Meyer, Dr Monique Waite

Volunteers needed

The University of Queensland and the HEARing Cooperative Research Centre, is conducting research to explore how hearing services could be improved through the adoption of eHealth.

Go here to find out more about this research project and find out if you can help us as a volunteer, we would love to here from you.

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XR4.1.2 Telehealth Package For Remote Assessment Of The Clinical Population With Hearing Loss

This project will consider what are the most effective ways telehealth can perform auditory assessments and provide intervention services.

Project Leaders: Conjoint Prof. Greg Leigh


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