The text on the HEARing CRC website can be resized up or down to suit your needs.

If you are finding it difficult to read some text when viewing a web site you can resize the text up and down to suit your needs.

If you have a mouse with a scroll wheel, simply hold down the CTRL key – or the command key if you are a Mac user – and move the scroll wheel up and down. For Chrome and Firefox users, simply hold down the CTRL key and press the plus (+) and minus (-) keys.  If these methods don’t work for you, try these browser-based techniques:

Using Internet Explorer, otherwise known as IE, you can change the font size by selecting the View menu item and then selecting the Text Size option – you have 5 size settings to pick from. This is useful to know and once you select this setting, it is remembered for all web sites that you visit.

A better option is to place a text resize control permanently on your toolbar. To do this, press your right mouse button on the toolbar area to bring up the contextual menu and choose ‘Customize’. A list of available toolbar buttons appears on the left. Scroll down to the Text icon and then select ‘Add’. You can also change the display of the icons while you’re here, just in case you find the toolbar icons a little small too. Once you hit the close button, you’ll see a Text Size control there, making it much easier to change the size.