HEARing CRC Head OfficeThe HEARing CRC is a multidisciplinary collaboration of 21 Members, each of which contributes specific expertise and infrastructure to our research, commericalisation and education programs. It has offices at The University of Melbourne’s Department of Audiology and Speech Pathology and the Australian Hearing Hub, Sydney.

In July 2014, The HEARing CRC was awarded $28 million by the Australian Government’s Cooperative Research Centre Programme (Selection Round 16), for a five‐year extension period.

Four Research Programs are being undertaken during this extension period alongside a Commercialisation Program that includes clinical trials and research development. The Research Programs include:

The Problem

Hearing loss affects one in six Australians, and is projected to affect one quarter of the Australian population by 2050, according to the 2006 Listen Hear! Report. Hearing loss reduces people’s ability to communicate and in turn impacts on education, employment and relationships.

Our Solution

The HEARing Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) focuses an internationally unique, interdisciplinary collaboration of  research, clinical, industry and educational organisations on the twin challenges of more effective prevention and improved remediation of hearing loss. Building on more than two decades of internationally competitive research and innovation, our work is driven by the end-user, for the end-user.

Objectives of the HEARing CRC

The HEARing CRC and its Members are dedicated to the common purpose of creating sound value™ through research – to prevent, and to better remediate, lost productivity resulting from hearing loss in children and adults.

Our objectives are:

  • To enhance Australia’s industrial, commercial and economic growth through an integrated, cooperative research program focused on prevention and mitigation of hearing loss; and
  • Through education, outreach and commercialisation of research findings, to reduce the incidence of hearing loss and increase the effectiveness with which hearing loss is treated.