R4: Clinical Tools, Services and Techniques

Program overview

Improving and individualising hearing management will lead to better outcomes for people with hearing loss as well as greater clinical efficiencies.

Researchers from the HEARing CRC will address this through the design and development of new clinical applications, improved surgical process tools for implanting or fitting new devices and novel approaches to device-training. In addition, the CRC will work to provide more efficient professional training of audiologists, surgeons and other professionals and to better understand the barriers to device use with the aim of improving uptake.

More information about individual projects can be found below.

Projects in this Program

R4.1: Overcoming barriers to rehabilitation and prevention
Project-ID Project Title Project Leader
R4.1.1 Overcoming barriers to hearing rehabilitation in adults Prof Louise Hickson
R4.1.2 Overcoming barriers to referral for hearing aids and/or cochlear implants A/Prof Robert Cowan
R4.1.3 Barriers to noise exposure reduction and Sources/profiles of noise exposure Dr Warwick Williams
R4.2: Improving habilitation
Project-ID Project Title Project Leader
R4.2.2 Approaches to enhancing habilitation in children Prof Dimity Dornan
R4.2.3 Approaches to improving literacy in children using hearing aids and cochlear implants
R4.3: Trainable Devices (Hearing Aids and Cochlear Implants)
Project-ID Project Title Project Leader
R4.3.1 Self-fitting and trainable hearing aids Dr Gitte Keidser
R4.3.2 Innovative Cochlear Implant Fitting Dr Peter Busby
R4.3.3a Laboratory simulation of 3D real-world environments COMPLETE Mr Dan Zhou
R4.3.3b Generation and validation of acoustic real-world lab environments Dr Jörg Buchholz
R4.3.4 Psychophysical tests in simulated real-world environments Dr Gitte Keidser
R4.4: Improved cochlear implant surgery
Project-ID Project Title Project Leader
R4.4.2 Improved imaging of cochlear implant electrodes (COMPLETED) Prof Stephen O'Leary
R4.5: Internet and telecommunications-based assessment and rehabilitation
Project-ID Project Title Project Leader
R4.5.1 Remote training, supervision and up-skilling of clinicians (COMPLETED) Dr Catherine McMahon
R4.5.2 Remote assessment of hearing - paediatric hearing assessment using tele-audiology: An investigation in rural and remote populations Prof Greg Leigh
R4.5.3a Remote re-mapping of cochlear implants Ms Emma Rushbrooke
R4.5.3b Management of cochlear implants using remote technology
R4.6: Prescription and fitting of devices and management of patients
Project-ID Project Title Project Leader
R4.6.1 Evidence-based understanding of device selection and management decisions Prof Richard Dowell
R4.6.2 Outcomes for aided children Dr Teresa Ching
R4.6.3 Derivation and production of the NAL-NL2 prescription procedure: see Commercialisation project C1.4.2. A/Prof Harvey Dillon
R4.6.4 Management of children with auditory neuropathy ~ merged with project R4.6.2 Dr Catherine McMahon
R4.6.5 Prescription of directional microphones for children (COMPLETED) Dr Teresa Ching
R4.6.6 Prescription procedure for hybrid devices Ms Paola Incerti
R4.6.7 Device evaluation, verification fine-tuning methods (COMPLETED) Dr Gitte Keidser
R4.7: Novel and efficient clinical assessment tools
Project-ID Project Title Project Leader
R4.7.1 Rapid cortical assessment Dr Bram Van Dun
R4.7.2a Cortical evaluation of implant performance Dr Catherine McMahon
R4.7.2b Cortical evaluation of cochlear implants using magnetoencephalography (MEG) A/Prof Blake Johnson