HEARing CRC Profile for Pragati Rao Mandikal Vasuki



PhD Student


HEARing CRC Supervisors: Mridula Sharma

HEARing CRC ProjectR1.1.3

Title: Role of statistical learning and auditory processing in the development of language and reading skills in young children

Previous research has suggested that reading development is related to:

  • auditory processing skills (Fraser, Goswami, & Conti-Ramsden, 2010; McArthur & Bishop, 2004)
  • speech perception ability (Vanderwalle, Boets, Ghesquie`re, &  Zin,  2012;  Boets, Vandermosten, Poelmans, Luts, Wouters, & Ghesquie`re, 2011); and
  • statistical learning (Arcuilli & Simpson, 2012). Statistical learning has also been shown to affect speech perception in degraded listening conditions in adults (Elliott, 1995; McClelland, Mirman, & Holt, 2006; Pisoni, 1996).

Understanding the factors contributing towards the development of reading skills can improve our ability to detect and intervene in children at the risk of reading impairment (Corriveau, Goswami, & Thomson, 2010). Therefore, individual differences in statistical learning, auditory processing skills, and speech perception abilities need to be studied especially in the younger population.

The current research aims to explore the auditory processing skills, speech perception abilities, and statistical learning abilities in young children and also investigate how these are related and / or contribute towards reading and language outcomes.


This individual is either a PhD student or is not involved directly in HEARing CRC research project work at this time.