Training We are dedicated to enhancing the educational experience of our higher degree research students so they are better prepared for professional careers as hearing science researchers, engineers or hearing health clinicians.

Students undertaking research projects in association with the HEARing CRC are likely to benefit from their close collaboration with our industry and clinic-based Members that include developing commercial and project management skills alongside advanced research and technical skills.

Our Postgraduate Education Program delivers highly skilled, graduate needed by industry by:

  • Providing a development program focused on core research skills such as presenting and writing, Incorporating non-traditional subject areas such as IP management, project management and research ethics, digital communications skills; and
  • Enhancing the postgraduate learning experience through annual involvement of supervisors and lecturers from non-academic HEARing CRC Members, and interactions with other students and industry representatives as part of the HEARing CRC’s Annual Student Symposium.