Biomedical Research Management

The Hearing CRC supports the University of Melbourne’s Specialist Certificate in Clinical Research (Biomedical Research Management) as a valuable opportunity for professional education in this niche field.

The course covers key information that effective biomedical research managers need to be conversant with, and make decisions about, to develop sound biomedical research project plans and budgets. It also focuses on developing skills for the proactive management and communication of projects where uncertainty is the norm.

Assessment is built around demonstrating the ability to apply skills learned to a real work based project.

Download a flyer for the course, coordinated by A/Prof Robert Cowan.

“I wish I had done this earlier in my career! It has given me the theory to support my research management experience and a greater appreciation of research management as a profession that is critical to the research value chain. This course will give immediate return on investment as the learnings can be applied directly in the workplace. Every research manager should do this course.”

Anne O'Neill
Associate Director, Medical Research
NSW Office for Science and Medical Research