Listen Hear!

In 2006 CRC HEAR and the Victorian Deaf Society commissioned a report on the full economic impact of hearing loss in Australia. The report, Listen Hear! was the first of its kind to quantify the economic impact of hearing loss, assessing direct financial costs as well as loss of well being.Listen Hear! image - linked to PDF document for download

The report can be downloaded by clicking on the image, an overview of the report is also provided on these pages:


Follow this link to read the Listen Hear! Media release.

"Deafness suffers from low exposure and its full implications are not immediately obvious. However, this report allows the community to better understand the cost and resource issues associated with hearing loss. The study reports that hearing loss ranks with asthma, diabetes and musculoskeletal diseases in terms of burden of disability, and should be considered as a national health priority."

A/Prof Robert Cowan, HEARing CRC Cheif Executive Officer