Inaugural Conference opens Hearing Hub up to researchers

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News story
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The Sydney-based Australian Hearing Hub (above) will open its doors to hearing researchers with its inaugural conference early next year. To be held on 17-19 April 2013, the Hearing Hub’s first conference will see Australian and international researchers share research findings on language, literacy and cognition in children with hearing impairments – in line with the Conference’s overarching theme.

The Deafness Forum of Australia’s Annual Libby Hicks Memorial Oration Already is already scheduled in as a conference highlight with speaker Prof. Laurie Eisenberg from the House Ear Institute in Los Angeles. The HEARing CRC will also be holding its annual Student Symposium as a satellite to the conference.  

Conference organisers are currently seeking abstract submissions for presentations. For more information about presenting or attending, visit:

The Australian Hearing Hub has been created to bring together Australia’s leading hearing-related research, clinical and educational organisations such as HEARing CRC Core Members, Macquarie University, Cochlear and the National Acoustic Laboratories, to create a collaborative, world-class research environment for hearing sciences.