News stories from the HEARing CRC:

CRC Program grants HEARing CRC five year extension 2014-02-24 The HEARing CRC has received a five year funding extension from the CRC Program to continue developing new devices, therapies and service delivery models to improve the prevention, detection and remediation of hearing disorders.
HEARnet Learning Gets a facelift 2014-02-06 HEARnet's online training portal HEARnet Learning has been expanded and improved.
HEARLab® wins innovation award 2013-05-17 A device known as HEARLab®, which provides a window into the brain as we hear the sounds of speech, and enables better management of hearing loss, has won a prestigious Award for Excellence in Innovation at the 2013 Cooperative Research Centre Association Conference.
Inaugural Conference opens Hearing Hub up to researchers 2012-09-25 The Sydney-based Australian Hearing Hub will open its doors to hearing researchers with its inaugural conference early next year.
Sound Check Australia 2012-08-14 Do you have 15 minutes to take part in a national survey on hearing and noise?
HEARing CRC clinical researchers win top Poster Award at Audiology Australia National Conference 2012-07-25 Two HEARing CRC clinical researchers have won the top Poster Award at the XX Audiology Australia (ASA) National Conference held in Adelaide earlier this month.
2010/11 HEARing CRC Annual Report now out. 2011-12-19 The full version or highlights brochure are now available.
Skype helps Samoa's deaf children 2011-07-11 Australia's pioneering work on cochlear implants, including research done by the HEARing CRC, has helped transform the lives of deaf people around the world.
World-first brainwave test for deaf newborns 2011-06-14 It was a problem that confounded paediatricians for decades: How could you test a baby’s hearing? Newborns, of course, can’t tell you if they can hear the snap of a doctor’s fingers.
Excellence in Innovation Award 2010-06-03 The HEARing CRC has received a 2010 Award for Excellence in Innovation
Fine-tuning "The Gift of Sound" 2009-12-09 Dr Carrie Newbold's HEARing CRC research is featured on the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences website.
Australian Science Festival 2009-05-29 More than 12,000 visitors attended to the Amazing World of Science and the HEARing CRC stand proved very popular!
New HQ and official launch for the HEARing CRC 2009-05-26 The HEARing CRC was officially launched in its new Melbourne headquarters by Senator Kim Carr.
3rd International Electromaterials Science Symposium "Advanced Materials for Energy Storage and Generation" 2009-02-01 A/Prof Mario Romero-Ortega described his most recent work on the use of nerve growth factors to guide sensory nerves to specific target areas.
Australian Innovation Festival 2008-05-01 The HEARing CRC partners Audiology Australia to host ‘Innovations in Audiology’.
Hearing Awareness Week 2007-08-24 A/Prof Robert Cowan was involved in the opening of HAW in Melbourne with the Lord Major, the Right Honourable John So
Clinical Research Excellence 2007-08-01 Special Symposium on Healthy Eyes Ears and Mouth, at the Clinical Research Excellence Conference in Melbourne