The Hearing Education and Research Network (HEARnet) is a not-for-profit website created by the HEARing CRC to provide a set of niche information services to encourage the uptake of HEARing CRC research outcomes and associated technologies.

HEARnet logo

 Through HEARnet, the HEARing CRC:

  • Provides online information about hearing health and hearing technologies to adults, children and families affected by hearing loss;
  • Hosts online training modules (Through HEARnet Learning) to transfer the knowledge and skills required to use new technologies and services developed by the HEARing CRC to best effect by health professionals and the public;
  • Improves community knowledge about the risks of noise-induced hearing loss; and;
  • Is establishing an online network to link HEARing CRC with other organisations and researchers with common interests in hearing technologies and hearing-loss prevention.

We are keen to hear from individuals and organisations wanting to be involved with HEARnet.  If you would like to find out more, please contact the HEARnet Manager Greg Lawrence on (03) 9035 3987.