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HEARworks Pty Ltd manages the intellectual property (IP) and commercial activity of the HEARing CRC:

  • it manages the sub-licensing or sale of IP directly or through its partner organisations or spin-off companies
  • it offers a range of products and services developed by the HEARing CRC and its predecessor CRC HEAR for clinicians, researchers and industry
  • it manages contract research conducted by the HEARing CRC researchers on behalf of third parties

HEARworks was established by the previous, unincorporated CRC HEAR to manage intellectual property and commercial activity. HEARworks:

  • continues to act as Trustee and as licensing / commercial agent of the CRC HEAR IP Trust
  • is a licensee, not a Trustee of IP rights for technologies and products developed by the HEARing CRC; the function of Trustee is served by HEAR IP.