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XC: Commercialisation Activities

HEARLabCommercialising research outcomes enables the CRC’s research innovations to be delivered to people who will use them such as new technologies for hearing devices and tools for clinicians.

Each HEARing CRC research project is developed to address solutions to identified end-user needs, and are tested through our Commercial Program that has access to a vast clinical trials network among other valuable capabilities.

The current suite of HEARing CRC products and services are available from the HEARworks website.

An overview of our current commercialisation activities are shown below.

XC1 Clinical Trials and Product Validation

clinical This project is focused on implementing, managing and accessing clinical studies arising from HEARing CRC research, and other collaborations with its Members and third-party clients.

Project Leader: Kerrie Plant

XC2 Hearing Aid Technology Development

This project oversees the development of hearing aid technologies identified as collaborative projects with its Members and third-party clients.

Project Leader: Dr Jorge Mejia

XC3 HEARLab Technology Development

HEARLabThis project is tasked with developing new modules for HEARLab – a portable device that allows hearing tests to be delivered to clinicians in the form of new software modules without the need to update equipment hardware.

HEARLab®’s first first module incorporates two different electrophysiological hearing assessments:

  • Aided Cortical Assessment (ACA)
  • Cortical Threshold Estimation (CTE).

New HEARLab® modules being developed by this project are:

  • Automatic cortical audiometer
  • Automatic ABR audiometer

Project Leader: Teck Loi

XC4 Applications of Binaural Signal Processing

This project is focus on the translation and assessment of bilaterial signal processing algorithms for inclusion in sound processing technologies such as hearing aids and cochlear implants.

Project Leaders: Dr Jorge Mejia, Dr Richard van Hoesel


XC5 Applications of Speech Referenced Limiting

This project involves the translation and assessment of the Speech Referenced Limiting (SRL) algorithm’s application to electronic devices such as: headsets, telephones, hearing protectors, hearing aids and cochlear implants.

The SRL algorithm is a patented method of noise reduction for electronic devices that convey speech developed by the HEARing CRC.

Project Leaders/PhD Student: Michael Fisher


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