Management Team

To undertake the day-to-day running of the HEARing CRC, there is a small, highly skilled internal team.

[title] Ms Amanda Campbell The HEARing CRC Executive Assistant
[title] Ms Katarzyna D'Costa The HEARing CRC Intellectual Property and Commercial Officer
[title] Mr Greg Lawrence The HEARing CRC HEARnet & Media Manager
[title] Mrs Lisa Norden The HEARing CRC Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary
[title] Dr Jane Sewell The HEARing CRC Communication and Education Manager
Ms Meghan Stewart The HEARing CRC Management Team Assistant

Research Coordinators

[title] Dr Isabelle Boisvert Macquarie University Researcher & Research Program Coordinator
[title] Ms Pam Jackson Australian Hearing Services Research Program Coordinator
[title] Dr Adrienne Paterson The HEARing CRC Research Program Coordinator