Five committees support the HEARing CRC Board of Directors, these are:


Finance and Audit Committee

The Finance and Audit Committee oversight the financial operations and affairs of the Company. It oversees the relationship with the external auditor and the process of identification and management of business, commercial and financial risks.

Mr Neville Mitchell is the Chair of this Committee.



Nominations and Appointments Committee

The Nominations and Appointments Committee makes recommendations on the appointment and remuneration of Directors to the HEARing CRC’s and HearWork’s Board. If required, this Committee also assists in the appointment of a Chairman, or CEO, and in making recommendations on their remuneration.



[title] Paul Guthrie Sivantos Nominee Director
[title] Dr Lisa Springer The HEARing CRC Independent Director


Science Advisory Group

The Science Advisory Group includes both scientists from the Member organisations and independent scientists with expertise in the relevant disciplines of biomedicine, bioengineering and clinical practice. The group provides expert advice on the programs and projects being undertaken by the HEARing CRC through annual research reviews and as otherwise appropriate.

Prof Rob Patuzzi is the Chair of this Group.


Prof Rob Patuzzi             University of Western Australia
A/Prof Robert Cowan     HEARing CRC
Adj/Prof Harvey Dillon    Australian Hearing
Prof Richard Dowell      The University of Melbourne
Prof Louise Hickson      The University of Queensland
Prof Bronya Keats           Australian National University
Dr Catherine McMahon  Macquarie University
Adj/Prof Jim Patrick         Cochlear Limited
Prof Jon Shallop              Independent International Expert


Support Members Group

The support Members Group will provide a forum in which Support Members are able to meet the Management team and Board of Directors to discuss progress of the HEARing CRC, their programs and projects. Core member are not included as each is already represented on the Board of Directors.


Commercialisation Working Group

Dr Michele Allan             HEARing CRC
Dr Lisa Springer            HEARing CRC
Adj/Prof Harvey Dillon   National Acoustic Laboratories, Australian Hearing
Ms Jenni Lightowlers    FAL Lawyers
A/Prof Robert Cowan     HEARing CRC
Mrs Lisa Norden            HEARing CRC
Ms Katarzyna D'Costa   HEARing CRC