About Us

The HEARing CRC is a multidisciplinary collaboration of five Core Members and 17 Support Members, each of which contributes specific expertise and infrastructure to our research, commericalisation and education programs.

In February 2014, The HEARing CRC was successful in the Australian Government’s Cooperative Research Centre Programme ‐ Selection Round 16, and was awarded a $28 million five‐year extension from July 2014.

Four research programs are now being undertaken during the extension period along with a fifth commercialisation program that includes clinical trials and research development.

A new website is currently being built to complement the HEARing CRC's new research priorities for the next five years. A list of the HEARing CRC's new Research Programs is provided below.

HEARing CRC Research Programs

  1. The Listening Brain
  2. The Intelligent Interface
  3. Individualised Solutions
  4. Enhanced Service Capacity.